The Waters on Mayowood adapts to the warmth for its ‘Freezin’ for a Reason’ fundraiser

March 14, 2024 | KIMT3

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While sixty degree weather may not be very promising for a polar plunge- the Waters on Mayowood Senior Living was able to bring the freezing water indoors at its ‘Freezin’ for a Reason’ fundraiser. 

The Waters on Mayowood active life manager Marni Harris says, “we decided we wanted to bring it inside so that we could make more of a fun atmosphere so we are having polar bear tattoos and brews and we are having fire and ice drinks and pigs in a blanket. And we just really wanted to- it hasn’t been freezing so we’re bringing that freezing inside and having fun with winter still.”

Two staff members did their own variation of a ‘polar plunge’ where they submerged themselves in ice cold water and had a competition of who could stay in the freezing cold tub longer. 

Watch the video that aired on KIMT3.

Residents were heavily involved in the event as they were able to donate and vote for the staff member they believed would be in the water the longest. This is the first year Mayowood has hosted a plunge.

Harris says, “its just such a fun atmosphere, we love to have parties around here, we love to have a good time, we love to thrive. And so many  people here have been touched by Alzheimers in one way or another and some are dealing with cognitive impairment and so what a better way to let them know we support them.” 

All of the donations collected today are going toward the Alzheimer’s Association.