Uniquely Ours: The Waters Signature Programs

The Waters Signature Programs

We believe residents thrive™ when they make their own choices, and choosing to live at The Waters of Excelsior offers a programming experience like no other. Through our Signature Programs, we elevate freedom of choice, and purposeful, personalized, active living for each of our residents.

Active community living is a vibrant, enriching experience in which our residents engage in a range of meaningful activities, including art, music, physical wellness, spirituality, culinary experiences and so much more. They socialize and experience a wide degree of freedom in choosing their varied daily activities. This kind of dynamic environment is vital for long-term wellbeing. One of the positive impacts of active life is longevity and a sense of renewed purpose in the later years.  This is why we ensure that our residents have a wide variety of community activities.  An active senior lifestyle is easily within reach for those who choose to live with us at The Waters of Excelsior.

Through Our Signature Programs, We Create a Sense of Community Where Everyone THRIVES!

A Warm Welcome, An Instant Belonging

SPLASH! Resident Move-In Experience for a smooth, personalized, warm welcome into community life. Our goal is for every resident’s first “splash” into The Waters to be a joyful experience where they feel warmly welcomed, giving them a sense of belonging that helps them feel right at home. We are committed to ensuring our residents meet new friends, make important community connections, feel informed and understand everything available to them so they can live the comfortable lifestyle they desire. We also ensure family members receive timely communication updates to give them peace of mind that their loved one is not only in good care, but is THRIVING at The Waters!

THRIVING Connections goes beyond “activities” while integrating hospitality with wellbeing at every dimension—Health, Relationships, Security, Purpose, Community and Environment. We appreciate that each of The Waters communities has a unique resident population, which is why our “in-house” Active Life teams are always hard at work tailoring purposeful activities to accommodate those localized needs, interests and aspirations. Residents and team members have an active voice in shaping their community, while simultaneously nurturing social connections and friendships. Family members are encouraged to join in!

PETALS Signature Memory Care Program honors and celebrates your loved one’s life story so they can “bloom where they are” in their journey. We provide supportive and personalized care, healing therapies and a wide range of engagements to inspire joy, meaningful interaction, laughter and life fulfillment.

REFLECTIONS Signature Program recognizes that every team member is a direct reflection of The Waters.  Attracting and investing in high quality, caring, and compassionate team members is essential to our mission.  We want our team members to feel inspired and to thrive™, just as our residents do.  Our goal is to help all team members experience a sense of community and belonging and to understand how purposefully they contribute to the wellbeing of seniors.

Our Active Life team at The Waters Senior Living is always thoroughly and diligently at work, using resident and team member input to tailor purposeful programs to accommodate our community’s unique needs, interests and aspirations.

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