Resident Activities

Learn How Our Residents Stay Active and thrive™!

Our promise at The Waters is to see you, hear you and know you.

We believe residents thrive™ when their voices are heard.

THRIVING Connections goes beyond “activities” while integrating hospitality with wellbeing at every dimension—Health, Relationships, Security, Purpose, Community and Environment. We also appreciate that each of The Waters communities has a unique resident population, which is why our “in-house” Active Life teams are always hard at work tailoring purposeful activities to accommodate those localized needs, interests and aspirations through THRIVING Connections, our Signature Active Life Program. Residents and team members have an active voice in shaping their community, while simultaneously nurturing social connections and friendships. 

Active community living is a vibrant, enriching experience in which our residents engage in a range of meaningful activities, including art, music, physical wellness, spirituality, culinary experiences and so much more. They socialize and experience a wide degree of freedom in choosing their varied daily activities. This kind of dynamic environment is vital for long-term wellbeing. One of the positive impacts of active life is longevity and a sense of renewed purpose in the later years.  This is why we ensure that our residents have a wide variety of community activities.  An active senior lifestyle is easily within reach for those who choose to live with us at The Waters of Oakdale.

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For more information about these key elements of THRIVING Connections or any other aspect of The Waters of Oakdale, please call us at 651-240-3295 or click here to Contact Us now.

  • Physical Wellbeing

    • Waters Rise & Thrive*
    • Waters Drumming*
    • Chair Dancing 
    • Walking Club 

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

  • Waters Travel Club

    • Chef Demos*
    • Documentaries & Videos 
    • Speakers 
    • Themed Entertainment 

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

  • Creative Arts

    • Fill Your Vase
    • Painting 
    • Card Making 
    • Crafts
    • Baking and Cooking Class 
    • Seasonal Gardening

  • Social Connections

    • Social Connections*
    • Off-Site Excursions*
    • Movies*
    • Intergenerational Connections*
    • Seasonal Parties 
    • Celebrations 
    • Cards & Games 
    • Men's Club 
    • Women's Club 
    • Wii Bowling 
    • Bean Bags 

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

  • Integrative & Spiritual Therapies

    • Aromatherapy*
    • Hand Massage or Spa Experience*
    • Yoga
    • Tai Chi
    • Worship Services 
    • Bible Study, Devotions and Prayer Time 
    • Animal Assisted Therapy 
    • Songs of Praise 
    • Memorial Services

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

  • Music & Arts Enrichment

    • Entertainers*
    • Musicians*
    • Music Therapy 
    • Sing-A-Longs

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

  • Waters Ambassador Program

    • SPLASH! Move-In Experience*
    • New Resident Lunch 
    • New Neighbor Social Hour 

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

  • Gratitude With a Purpose

    • Waters Veterans Wall* 
    • Alzheimer's Walk* 
    • Food Shelf 
    • Veterans Day Celebration 
    • Local Charities
    • Toy Drive
    • Letter to Soldiers
    • Thank You Cards 
    • Blankets for Human Society 
    • Crochet Group: Hospice Blankets and NICU Octopi
    • Golden Guys & Gals

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

  • Resident Voice

    • Resident Meetings*
    • Conversations with the Chef*
    • Resident Survey*
    • Suggestion Box*
    • Program Surveys
    • Newsletter 
    • Listen and Learn 
    • All Resident Meetings

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

  • Waters Academy

    • Great Courses*
    • Book Club*
    • Poetry and Writing Workshops 
    • Featured Speakers 
    • History Club

    *Waters Signature Activities found at all communities

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